We provide safe environments for young people and meaningful employment for youth work professionals

Kaizer Community - Youth Work
Kaizer Community - Youth Work

About Us

We care about children & young people

Our residential care services are thoughtfully designed to nurture the holistic development of children and young people. Our primary aim is to cultivate a therapeutic community and strong kinship connections, ensuring that children and young people not only feel a sense of belonging during their time in our care, but also maintain supportive relationships beyond their stay with us.

Kaizer Community extends its therapeutic services to regions beyond Southeast Queensland, including rural areas, offering dedicated support for children and young people in child protection. Our trained staff are committed to ensuring the continuity of care, focusing on the holistic well-being and development of those under our support, including emergency accommodation when needed.

Our team comprises highly skilled youth work and social worker professionals who have undergone extensive training in Kaizer’s Community Practice Approach and the Hope and Healing Framework. By embracing these therapeutic methodologies, our team ensures nurturing care and unwavering support to our young people and children, the community, and partnered organisations, fostering an environment of healing and growth.

Are you a Youth Worker?

Quality Care changes lives

Are you a Youth Worker looking to make a real difference in young people’s lives? We want to hear from you.

We understand youth work can be both rewarding and complex. We want you to enjoy your work, feel valued, and celebrate your successes while supporting you through challenging times.

Kaizer Community - Youth Work

Would you like a career in Youth Work?

Your Community Needs You

Would you like to train and become a Youth Worker and make a real difference in young people’s lives? We want to hear from you. We work with our training partner Strategix to provide employment opportunities for youth workers who are studying.

Youth work can be both rewarding and complex and great training enables you to excel in your job and create a real difference. Connect with Strategix today to start your Youth Work career today.

Kaizer Community - Youth Work

How we do it

Our Community Approach

Kaizer pursues continuous improvement

We want to be the best care organisation for young people and youth workers.

Kaizer sparks change

We help young people identify the change they need and want, and help them achieve it.

Kaizer offers a chance

We help give young people a chance for the future and our people an opportunity to make a difference.

Kaizer cares

We care about each of the children, young people, families and communities we serve, and want to make a difference.

Kaizer is child-centred

Young people's safety and well-being needs are at the heart of what we do every day.

Kaizer values culture

We recognise the needs of Indigenous young people and are proud of our culturally inclusive workplace.

Kaizer collaborates

We can achieve more with, and for, young people when we collaborate with others and work towards a shared goal.

Kaizer connects

Nurturing young people and supporting strong families contributes to a stronger and more resilient community.

Who we work with

We work with youth workers, communities, and other organisations to create the best outcome for young people

Children & Young People

Since 2020, Kaizer has provided housing and residential care services for young people aged 7 to 17. Our mission is to create an environment of belonging for residents and opportunities to thrive.

Youth Workers

Our youth workers are qualified professionals dedicated to providing children and young people with meaningful support and pathways for future independence. 

Local Communities & Organisations

Through our residential care program, we work with local communities and programs to assist children and young people in all areas of their development.

Our Services

We care about People

Our Young People

We understand better than most the unique life situations facing the young people we work with. Kaizer strives to build a genuine connection with young people so they have a sense of belonging and help create a community so they have people in their lives after our care.

Our Team
The youth workers and professionals at Kaizer make us who we are. Our team is supported and valued through regular training and collaboration in our culturally safe and inclusive workspace, where we celebrate successes.
Our Community
Our role in the lives of young people and their families is part of a broader service system in the community. We can achieve our common goals by using a collaborative approach and embracing teamwork.
Our Country

We believe that connection to culture is essential to the safety, well-being, and identity of the young people we support. We recognise and respect the unique needs of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families.

For me, a highlight of the job is having an impact on young people’s lives.

They come from all areas in life and perhaps some of them didn’t have guidance from families or parents growing up. So just thinking, “man, I can actually speak on that and give some guidance”.

Taking care of them in a way that they’ve never known growing up. Being there helps you realise you are making a difference – that’s my favourite part about the job.



Kaizer Youth Worker
My favourite parts of working with Kaizer is building a relationship with the young person.

I started my journey few years ago, Kaizer was my first youth work job. They are a really supportive team. They've got a great group dynamic, great training, and the team here are really supportive.

One of my favourite parts of the job is building a relationship with that young person. Sometimes it is a challenge, but that's what makes this job so rewarding – overcoming that and building more character and resilience.



Kaizer Youth Worker
Kaizer are very transparent and always willing to help. There's good communication, and you feel that you're part of the community.

What's great about doing the job that I do is making a difference in a young person's life. I get to pass on my experiences that can actually help someone. That's the thing that I enjoy most – making a change in someone's life.

Coming into this industry as a new person, there is a lot of support at Kaizer. Most of that experience you'll pick up from day one by actually being on the field and working with young people – that's basically where you will start.

There's lots of training, and Kaizer are very transparent and always willing to help. There's good communication, and you feel that you're part of the community.



Kaizer Youth Worker

The importance of collaboration


Kaizer works with organisations that share our values and are focused on supporting and serving our communities.

Australian Human Rights Commission

Kaizer works closely with the Australian Human Rights Commission to provide important training to its staff.

Strategix Training Group

As our training partner, Strategix RTO #31418 provides Cert IV in Youth Work qualifications for individuals looking to join our team.

Department of Child Safety, Seniors & Disability Services

We work with the government and abide by the QLD Care Services Outcome Framework to ensure we meet each resident's needs.


Kaizer collaborates with PeakCare through the Hope & Healing Framework, providing comprehensive training to all Kaizer staff.

Your Mob

Kaizer partners with Your Mob for cultural awareness training, recognising the needs of Indigenous young people and the role of culture in their development.

Kaizer Community - Youth Work

Contact Kaizer Community

We welcome your queries and feedback at Kaizer Community, and aim to respond within five business days.

Our team will address your enquiry, provide explanations if required, and outline options available to you. To assist in our response, please be clear and factual in your comments and include all details you have, including the outcome you would like to see.

All correspondence with our team is private and confidential. We can only respond if you provide your name and contact details.

If we need to speak with you, it will be from a private phone number. For privacy reasons, we cannot leave a message on your phone unless your voicemail clearly identifies who you are.


24 hours: 1800 317 464


L4, 106 City Road, Beenleigh QLD 4207